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Lufthansa busca y forma nuevos TCPs para la próxima temporada de verano

by lucyintheclouds

Formación a cargo de la aerolínea de unas 14 semanas de duración. Los cursos empiezan en diciembre y enero. Contratos de 2 años en bloques de 6 meses trabajados y 6 fuera (periodo de vuelo entre abril y octubre). Opción a ampliar otros 2 años más.

Lufthansa Flight Attendant (Summer season)

To this day, working as a Flight Attendant is one of the most fascinating and interesting professions for both men and women. It is however a profession that demands a lot more than one may believe: dealing with our passengers in a continuously friendly, competent, and responsible way, living-up to service expectations, and quietly dealing with even the most difficult situations with ease.
Those who exhibit these qualities are rewarded with an exciting occupation in which one can meet fascinating people of all nationalities and languages, work with a nice team of colleagues, while having the opportunity to see foreign countries and cultures.
You can also combine this dream job with your own personal interests: fly around the world for 6 months and have 6 months off – a unique opportunity. And best of all you receive your salary monthly for all 12 months and also have social insurance for the entire period. In your free months you can travel the world, continue further studies and much more.
Do you want to take up the challenge? Then we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Flight routes

You will fly short, medium and long-haul routes from Frankfurt or Munich.


  • Professional service and comprehensive training
  • Length of training period: approx. 14 weeks including three apprenticeship flights on board (after approx. 4 weeks). You will begin preparing yourself  for the classroom training by completing a five-day online pre-course (webbased training).
  • Training begins in December and January.
  • Flat-rate training salary: a total of € 1,240.- will be paid in 4 equal monthly installments

Contract Terms

  • 2-year time-limited work contract with a further 2-year extension option
  • 50% part-time model: 6 months active flying, 6 months free time
  • Flight phase ca. April to October
  • Salary: € 925.- basic salary per month (the salary is paid every month for 12 months)+ € 301.55 shift bonus in the active months, in free months you will only receive the basic salary
  • Social insurance for the entire time period
  • Fixed yearly vacation bonus of € 511.43
  • Additional absence money per flight day: € 42.00 for continental and € 48.00 for intercontinental routes (partially eligible to tax and social income taxes)
  • Vacation entitlement 18 calendar days per year, should be taken at the beginning or the end of the active period


  • Opportunity for you, your family, and your spouse/companion to buy reduced fare tickets (after six months)
  • Lufthansa partakes in your uniform costs
  • Many offers for qualified further education
  • Special rates from numerous hotels and car rental agencies


  • Completed school education
  • Fluent in German and English
  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Minimum height: 1.60 m and appropriate weight
  • Passport without restrictions
  • Visual acuity between +/- 5 diopter .The maximum diopter level before a laser operation may only be +/- 5. The laser operation must have taken place at least 6 months before the flight
  • fitness test.
  • Good swimming skills
  • Willingness to do shiftwork and to work abroad
  • For the training: you will need a notebook with WLAN and Flash, internet access DSL or equivalent
  • High level of service orientation
  • Sociable, strong communicative skills, and team-capable
  • Friendly demeanor and well-groomed appearance
  • Intercultural competence
  • Sense of duty even in stressful situations, diplomatic even in difficult situations
  • Independent, committed, and proactive
  • Sense of responsibility and dependability

Please apply online for Lufthansa Flight Attendants & Cabin Crew Jobs

Fuente de información Lufthansa Jobs Web

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maria luisa septiembre 8, 2013 - 15:17

Me encantaria es el sueño de mi vida

maria luisa septiembre 8, 2013 - 15:18

Me daria lo mismo trabajo gratis

judith cabana septiembre 10, 2013 - 02:18

Hola me interesa saber donde hay que presentarse. Yo actualmente soy estudiante p tcp. Gracias

Lucía Taboada
Lucía Taboada septiembre 13, 2013 - 01:39

Judith tienes toda la información en el artículo. Saludos

Jose octubre 27, 2013 - 06:48

Imprescindible el Aleman? Tengo un C1 de Ingles, pero nada de aleman… 🙁

benasir mateo octubre 27, 2013 - 13:42

me encataria trabajar de tcp es mi sueño ,mi vida mi todo

evelyn berneri diciembre 28, 2013 - 05:30

hola quiero saber si todavia existe la posibilidad de poder presentarme,soy tcp,tengo licencia de vuelo y spicofisico renovado..Gracias

Luana Angelini febrero 1, 2015 - 17:31

como es el proceso de seleccion de Lufthansa?


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