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Requirements to Be a Flight Attendant

by lucyintheclouds

Flight attendant this is the correct name for all we know as steward/stewardess or Air host/air hostess. 

What is the flight attendants’ real job?

For all of you who think that their job is to serve coffee on the plane (and charge them like a coffee at the Eiffel Tower) let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth.

The real job of a flight attendant is to safeguard the safety of the passengers. But because we do not have emergencies every day onboard. Nor do we have to treat angina, heart attacks, childbirth, or do an emergency evacuation after putting out a fire. We have plenty of time to serve the tea and tomato juice with salt and pepper that you drink on the plane.

A flight attendant is intensely trained to be able to work on the plane. Overcome theoretical and physical tests. First the initial course the airlines gave, then the qualification course and then they will keep training annually in every refresher course of the airline they fly for.

Furthermore, to be a flight attendant you have to know that you are going to work with the public. That you are the visible head and image of your company and that willingness, manners, and empathy are key factors for this work. 

Your work will be more important than holidays, weekends or family reunions, basically because of all that is over. Your work will depend on a monthly flight program. So you will have to leave your plans and social life for your days off.  

Do you think this is the way of life for you? Is your dream to work flying?  If the answer is yes, welcome aboard! 

Requirements – Flight attendant – steward/stewardess – Air host/air hostess.

The requirement varies slightly in every country and every airline. However, in general, you will have to fulfill the following points. 


Even when some airlines accept flight attendants from 157cm tall. Actually, almost any airline will not accept any flight attendant who is less than 165 cm tall. If you are less than 165 cm tall. It will be more difficult for you to pass the interview.

Nowadays, in some airlines, they put a mark that you have to reach with outstretched arms. If you reach it, you pass the height test, if you do not reach it, you do not pass it. This mark is usually at least 210 cm or 212 cm in height. (Some companies allow you to reach the mark on your tiptoes.

Regarding the maximum height usually, there is not a limit. Although, you have to keep in mind the planes every airline has in its fleet because this will affect your comfort at work. For example, Air Nostrum establishes a maximum height of 180 cm because they use regional airplanes (CRJ1000, ATR72…).

The height issue is not on a whim (which if it were, is a rule like others) but for safety. For reaching the emergency kits that are in the upper lockers, the flight attendant cannot lose time climbing up a seat or even less trying to reach the material that has been left at the bottom.


 In Spain, the minimum age is the legal age. Before the 18 forget about it. And keep in mind that they value the studies you have, the languages you speak. So the average age to begin to fly is 22. Depending on the airline, this age can vary. For example, in Emirates and Qatar, the minimum age is 21 years.

The maximum age to apply (not to stop flying) also depends on the company. It is usually around 30 without previous experience and 35 with previous experience. Formerly, some airlines establish age limits in their requirements (for example maximum 26 years). But today it is usual not to specify these limits. Nowadays, there are airlines like Neos Air or Magnicharters that give value to candidates older than 30 or 35 years giving that way opportunity to many flight attendants.  

There is no maximum age to continue flying, at least until you retire.


Most of the airlines asked for at least a High School Diploma or the equivalent and higher education is valued. Very few require only having a middle-school degree.

Likewise, to be a flight attendant you need a specific education. With this education, you get a Flight Attendant Certification Card. To obtain this certification card you must approve the initial training for flight attendants in an organization approved by the Air Safety State Agency (In the case of Spain) or an education center endorsed by your Country Civil Aviation. It depends on the airline; some of them will ask you for said certification before attending the work interview. However, some of them can facilitate this education, since some air operators are authorized to give it (with additional cost in some cases).


For Spain, it is necessary to have a complete mastery of Spanish and an intermediate level of English.  A third language is valued. In other countries, English is the official language; so you have to speak it fluently.  In the interview, you must pass a language test.

Good health and fitness

This means that you have to be able to act quickly in case of an emergency. You have to know how to swim.  Not just float but to be a good swimmer. They will require you to swim 100 meters in two and a half minutes underwater. Also, you have to pass the Class II medical examination. Besides, you will represent the image of the company at every moment. So you must take care of all the details. Up to 5 diopters are allowed in each eye.

No tattoos or piercings 

Tattoos or piercings visible with the uniform are not allowed. Furthermore, some airlines do not allow covering them with makeup or bandages.

Geographical and time availability

In this job, there are no summer vacations, weekends, or holidays. You must work every day of the year.  Besides, the airline’s base is probably in a city other than yours, so you will have to move to another place or live less than 90 minutes away from the base.

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Anderly agosto 18, 2021 - 22:01

Me gustaría ser parte de su empresa ! Soy tripulante de cabina y estoy en busca de trabajo

9313305050 octubre 18, 2021 - 13:44

I love airhostess job

9313305050 octubre 18, 2021 - 13:44

I love airhostess job


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