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Cabin Crew Interviews – Flight Attendant Recruitment. Open Days and Assessment Days USA.

Delta Flight Attendant Interviews

Requirements: Must be authorized to work in the US. Must be 21 years of age or older. Must have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent. Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English. Must be willing & able to fly both International & Domestic routes and be flexible with scheduling. At graduation, must be willing to be based in Atlanta or any open base. Must be able to pass oral/written exams in the timeframe as specified for each exam. Must be willing to work in a time-sensitive environment & effectively handle stress that is associated with meeting deadlines & managing unexpected change.
Must have valid passport or equivalent travel documents to freely enter & exit all destinations where Delta flies.
Must assume flight leader role to facilitate aircraft readiness, coordinate, conduct, and manage evacuation and other emergency situations. Must complete paperwork as needed and have basic computer skills are required. Must be willing to serve alcoholic beverages; peanuts, and meals containing beef and/or pork. Must be able to sit in an assigned jump seat with seatbelt and shoulder harness fastened, perform tasks that require frequent walking, bending below ankle level and reaching above shoulder level, open emergency exists and close aircraft doors weighing up to 40- 60 pounds, push and pull heavy beverage/food cart and lift, store, transport and reach for items, with or without an accommodation. Must be able to perform CPR & basic first aid/safety-related functions. Must be willing to work nights, weekends, holidays, extended hours and accept lack of scheduling control and be ready to report on late notice. Must be punctual & dependable. Must manage time effectively, exhibit good judgment, strong work ethic & excellent customer service skills. Must pass a DOT required pre-employment drug screen and thereafter submit to DOT mandated random drug and alcohol testing. Must pass a background check including a government required fingerprint-based criminal history records check. Must attend and successfully complete anticipated 8 week paid training at our Atlanta training facility.
Must present a neat professional appearance and demeanor including adhering to Delta uniform and appearance guidelines.

* Flight Attendants- Cantonese Speaking Qualification Required. Apply here
* Flight Attendants- Mandarin Speaking Qualification Required. Apply here
* Flight Attendants-Dutch Speaking Qualification Required. Apply here
* Flight Attendants- Hindi Speaking Qualification RequiredApply here
* Flight Attendants- Danish Speaking Qualification Required. Apply here
* Flight Attendants- French Speaking Qualification Required. Apply here

Flight Attendant American Airlines

Requirements: Applicants must be at least 20 years of age. High school diploma or GED, plus at least two years post-high school education or public contact work experience. Customer service work experience is preferred. United States citizen or already possess the legal right to work in the U.S. including the right to travel to/from the countries American Airlines serves. Able to lift, push and pull heavy articles as required. Able to reach all emergency equipment on all aircraft types. Not to exceed a height maximum of 6’2″. Friendly reception of all customers. Strong communication skills. Neat, well-groomed and focused on making a positive impression (No visible tattoos while in Flight Attendant uniform). Must be service-oriented. Excellent dependability. Caring and nurturing. Easily embrace change and other points of view. Accepts personal responsibility for resolving concerns. Able to attend 8 1/2 weeks of training in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and move immediately to the city to which you are assigned as a base
Must have the right to work in the United States. Additionally, AA requires all our Flight Attendants to have a valid passport and documentation allowing for entry into the United States after working an international flight.

Training: Those selected for training must attend an unpaid 8 1/2-week training program conducted at American Airlines Training and Conference Center in Dallas/Fort Worth. While in training, candidates will participate in open discussions on American Airlines Customer Service philosophy and attend classes on in-flight service, aircraft familiarization and emergency procedures. Accommodations and meals are provided by American Airlines. Trainees should have $1,500-$2,000 available for incidental expenses incurred during training and for relocation to the assigned base. Travelers Checks may be cashed at the American Airlines Training and Conference Center in small denominations. Base assignments are awarded in order of seniority just prior to graduation based on operational needs. Seniority within each class is determined by birth date.

* Flight Attendant – Cantonese Chinese Speaker. Apply Here
* Flight Attendant – French Speaker. Apply Here
* Flight Attendant – Finnish Speaker. Apply Here
* Flight Attendant – Spanish Speaker. Apply Here
* Flight Attendant – Portuguese Speaker. Apply Here
* Flight Attendant – Mandarin Chinese Speaker. Apply Here
* Flight Attendant – Korean Speaker. Apply Here
* Flight Attendant – Japanese Speaker. Apply Here
* Flight Attendant – Italian Speaker. Apply Here
* Flight Attendant – German Speaker. Apply Here

Flight Attendant Interviews Air Wisconsin

Must be at least 19 years of age. Must possess a High School diploma or equivalent. Must have a valid Passport at time of application. Possesses 1-2 years customer service experience. Must be able to successfully complete Federally Mandated:

10 Year Background Check
FBI Fin gerprinting
Pre-Employment Drug Screening

Must be legally eligible to work in the United States. Must be adaptable and be able to perform effectively under stress. Must not exceed a maximum height of 5’10” (70″) without shoes and have the ability to reach a minimum of 68″ above the ground. Must be able to stand, stoop, bend, squat, twist & turn and must be able to push, pull & lift up to 75 lbs. Applicants must be able to read, write, understand and converse proficiently in English, the common language used among Flight, Maintenance & Cabin Crews. Ability to attend and pass a three week, unpaid training in Norfolk, VA. Flexibility to work varied schedules including nights, days, weekends and holidays. May be required to relocate. Flight Attendants are based in Philadelphia, PA; LaGuardia Airport in New York; Norfolk, VA and Reagan National Airport in Washington DC. Locations for newly hired Flight Attendants are not guaranteed.

* Flight Attendants Recruitment. Apply Here

ExpressJet Airlines


  • Education and experience:
    > Must be 21 years of age or older
    > A minimum of a high school diploma or GED equivalent
    > Two years of customer service experience is preferred
    > Successful completion of formal training in Atlanta or Houston provided
    by the company as a condition of employment (Transportation and
    and double occupancy accommodations, but no salary during training)
  • Authorization to work in the United States:
    > Legal authorization to work in the United States
    > Valid passport (must be available on the first day of training)
    > Travel documents that allow the bearer to freely exit and re-enter the
    United States (multiple entry status)
  • General Abilities including but not limited to:
    > Reach into overhead bins and stand erect in aisle
    > Walk down aisle face forward without interfering with the comfort of
    > Comfortably sit in all jump seats without a seatbelt extension
    > Speak and write English fluently
    > Accept/relocate to a base assignment at your own expense in any
    current or future crew bases.
    >CRJ Crew Bases are currently: Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Detroit, MI
    and Washington Dulles, VA
  • >ERJ Crew Bases are currently: Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH, Denver, CO,
    Houston,TX, Kansas City, MO, Newark, NJ
    and Washington Dulles, VA
    Ability to withstand work environment including but not limited to:
    > Varying climatic conditions and locales
    > Rotating schedule with variable hours that could include up to 16 hour
    duty days, holidays and weekends
    > Dry air
    > Moderate noise levels
    > Dim lighting
    > Confined spaces
    > Frequent and continuous contact with others
    > Exposure to peanuts, pets, and other allergens
  • Physical abilities including but not limited to:
    > Lift luggage up to 50 lbs.
    > Lift special passengers in an evacuation
    > Push open and pull closed aircraft door with a force up to 39 lbs.
    > Push or pull a beverage or meal cart with a force up to 29 lbs.
    > Maintain balance while walking slowly and standing during flight
    > Sit, climb, stoop/bend, reach, twist, and crouch for long periods of time
  • Requirements before a job offer can be made:
    > FAA required criminal history records check based on fingerprints
    > Reference check
    > Verification of education
    > DOT/FAA required drug test

ExpressJet Flight Attendant Interviews. Apply Here



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